Praise for
Spiritual Wanderlust



- From the Foreword by Christopher West,

  Author of Fill These Hearts  

- Richard Rohr, OFM

  Author of The Universal Christ

"The way Kelly unfolds our interior experience is so rich, so insightful, so revealing, it brought a lump to my throat. I found myself saying 'YES – that’s it!'"  

"Kelly has a gift for making the deepest truths edible. This book is a must-read for everyone who aches to live with meaning."


Spiritual Wanderlust is a field guide for anyone who has experienced undefinable longing.

You know—that ache for something authentic and REAL, crackling with life. Perhaps, like many of us, you have spent hours meditating, devouring books, or traveling the world in the hopes of tasting it.


In this book, spiritual coach Kelly Deutsch invites you to venture deeper than you’ve ever gone before. Calling on the wisdom of two mystics, Augustine and John of the Cross, she’ll help you locate the path to the Great Unknown we so desperately desire. With refreshing spark, wit, and vulnerability, she’ll show you:

  • Where this longing comes from

  • How to hear what it is saying

  • Why desire teases us with the already-but-not-yet

  • How it opens us up to receive the divine

  • What to do with your desires “in the meantime” 


Caution: only embark on this journey if you’re prepared for some sore spiritual muscles, amazing vistas, and real interior challenge.


Recommended gear: curiosity, loose limbs, and above all, unquenchable desire. 

Are you a wanderluster hungry for community?

We've been wandering and wondering together.

More praise for spiritual Wanderlust

"This book is easily read in a morning but its reflections could last a lifetime… This is a book not just to be read but an invitation to see where we turn up to the presence within.”

– John M. Armstrong, Spiritual seeker and Catholic priest


"A good spiritual autobiography is a key to open new mansions in the readers' self, inspiring them to plunge into their own quest with greater abandon. Kelly Deutsch achieves this in her profound yet airily written exploration of desire in her life - sharing what she has learned about what she (and all of us) really want. Her wide reading in the masters of prayer makes her see how carefully life has read her. So she creates a sense of personal adventure that makes any pain involved meaningful. Desire is her theme but her goal is a breaking through into the freedom of being, that is far beyond whatever can be imagined."

 – Laurence Freeman, OSB. Benedictine monk and

Director of the World Community for Christian Meditation 


“I read this bookin one sitting – I could not put it down! Kelly breached serious subjects in a playful, insightful way. I felt blessed having read it. Thank you!!”

– Nancy A. Edwards, Nature lover and desert homesteader

"Every now and then a writer emerges who is able to translate the yearnings of the human heart into words. I believe Kelly Deutsch is such a writer. As I read Spiritual Wanderlust,I felt myself not just resonating with her description of her own personal journey, but I delighted in her phrases that capture eloquently some universal questions and her personal answers to the yearnings of the human heart. 'The lack we feel is actually a capacity. Its dimensions hint at Who we are meant to receive there.'"

– Sister Mary Joan Smith, SCC, nautical nun and wave crasher



"Every so often a book appears that makes you think, 'Why has it taken so long for someone to write this?' I can think of huge piles of books I have read on the contemplative life, mostly written by 'professionals,' that is monks or nuns, or the classics, like Cloud of Unknowing,or the writings of Julian of Norwich. All these books are, of course, wonderful and inspiring and show the vistas of God, but what Spiritual Wanderlust does, is show you the ground immediately beneath your feet so you can take one step at a time. It is a deeply spiritual and mystical book, charting the experience of expansion, enlightenment, deep hunger, whatever you want to call it, and giving practical guidance in demystified language. I came across this book almost exactly a year after my own expansion experience and had I read it then, I would have been saved a great deal of confusion and suffering. This book is full of gentle counsel for those who find themselves in a powerful state of longing and hunger and who will appreciate the steady and compassionate wisdom that is within these pages. I highly recommend this book to you."

– Linda Richardson, artist, meditator, and mythical poet



"Spiritual Wanderlust has a very intuitive perspective…The author has a gift with words that touched my heart and rang true with my soul, as well as practical applications to take us deeper in our journey. I could not put the book down once I started. Excellent book!"

– Denny, an Amazon customer who is probably too famous to leave his full name



"Spiritual Wanderlust draws you into a candid conversation with a friend: one who wants nothing but your freedom and happiness. This book comes as a refreshing drink of water in a world - and a Church - that tends to ignore our deepest longings. Drawing amply on her own story, Kelly shows how experiences common to each of us actually serve as signposts to our destiny. Augustine and John of the Cross confirm what life has already taught this modern-day mystic: that your heart is made for More, and the More is closer than you think."

– Joseph Scholten, Catholic priest, desirer of the Infinite



"A beautiful book that speaks to our deepest longings and what might be done to address them on this side of eternity. Using the genius of St. John of the Cross and St. Augustine, Kelly brings mystical words to us through the centuries to apply to our soul wounds that remain unchanged in our modern area. A wonderful introduction to the mystics for those not familiar with their works. A wonderful reminder for those who are. Kelly’s voice ties this together with our modern day escapes and shows us the futility of looking for that which our soul so deeply desires in all the wrong places."

– Valerie VanMeter, lay contemplative, dog rescuer, mother of millennials



"In Spiritual Wanderlust Kelly Deutsch shares her quest for a meaningful connection with God with thoughtful insights from age old mystics.  This may appear to be a little book but, as I entered in,  I found myself inside a large volume of history and mystery that keeps inviting me back for contemplation. This small book will be on my bedside table to return to again and again."

- Liz Gauthier, pied piper, microactivist, and mother to many



"Longing is such a powerful phenomenon and it’s no doubt God-given. What we do with it---whether we befriend or ignore it---determines the kind of life we choose for ourselves.  Let Kelly Deutsch guide us in exploring this inner realm and we may just discover along the way the hidden mystic in us all. A very engaging read that won’t fail to stir our own heart and soul."

 – Wil Hernandez, eternal quester and avid promoter of anything Nouwen.

Executive Director for CenterQuest.



"Reading Spiritual Wanderlust is like walking up on a profound conversation between a small group of friends.  In Kelly's case, the friends are St. John of the Cross and St. Augustine and herself, and in our case we are graciously invited in to share in the delight.  Thank God for conversations like this!  We need spiritual friends who have lived deeply--and are not afraid to tell about it."

–Stuart Higginbotham, dad, Episcopalian priest, chocolate lover, author of Contemplation and Community: A Gathering of Fresh Voices for a Living Tradition



"After reading this book, my existential crisis culminating in becoming a crime fighting bat is now resolved. Yes, the ache is there, but now I know where it’s leading me."

– Batman, dark knight of the soul, hope of middle-aged men, 

so “quoted” to see if anyone actually reads these things.


"As an atheist, I was pleasantly surprised to feel inspired by and connected to the words of ancient mystics. Thanks to Kelly’s work, I now have a name to give to that Thing that unifies us all: the 'I know not what.'”

– Emily Kerpelman, professional songwriter, life coach, dog enthusiast

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