Master the Art of Being Alive

Growth Coaching for the Eager and Restless

What's real

You’re highly motivated. You live life with passion. Friends call you a dreamer, but you know those fierce desires are more than dreams. You simply want to suck the marrow from the bones of life – seize the day! – while relishing the adventures, friendships, and accomplishments that make you feel alive.

You know that wholeness is possible. Sometimes you feel you’re killing it – life is so full!; other times, you are stumped by obstacles you only guess at. But obstacles don't faze you. Rather, they are a challenge. You know that hard work, personal growth, and—oh yeah—some relaxing into “what is” will likely get you where you want to be.

You have a big heart and a sharp mind. You feel deeply, intuit naturally, and are quick to make connections. Sometimes, the cloudy path leaves you feeling frustrated and discouraged. But occasionally, something in you wonders if the cloud of unknowing might be the best kind of knowing after all.

At your very best, you know that you have it in you to set the world on fire.

Let me help you get you there. 


As a growth coach, I support seekers—the open, the curious, the restless – to become more fully alive. I am a seeker myself, and find myself propelled through life by my passion, curiosity, and zest. When you combine a seeker’s eagerness to grow with the catalyzing power of coaching, amazing things happen. In both my own life and in my client’s lives, I have seen this potent combination lead to explosive progress and life-changing shifts.

I work with people from all walks of life. Entrepreneurs, non-profits, executives, clergy, stay-at-home moms. Musicians. Therapists. Builders. Teachers. Nurses. What do they have in common? Their passion, drive, and desire for more.

Kelly Deutsch

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What People

Are Saying

"I have this terrible tendency to resign to whatever is "safe." I know what my dreams are, but I used to pick them apart and convince myself why I shouldn't do it. I wasn't growing. 

But working with Kelly was the help I needed. It felt like a very natural flow to self-discovery and self-empowerment. I realized the challenges ahead of me are doable - and exciting! Best of all, I am now doing what I love and feel naturally gifted to do!"

- P.K., Small business owner