Current State of Affairs
  • I'm a Learning & Development Coordinator in Watertown, South Dakota. I get to do leadership coaching as part of my job!

  • I live with a friendly Indian roommate who makes amazing chicken biryani, and a fuzzy, snuggly feline named Nova.

  • I'm a DIYer who is always looking for a new project. Up next: learn to upholster!

Life Goals
  • Travel the world and meet lots of lovely people along the way

  • Reform how we form people: make it holistic, balancing the vertical (with the divine) and horizontal (with fellow humans). Realize how closely the two are tied.

  • Make a real difference in people's lives.


"Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand." --Karl A. Menniger

Oftentimes, we don't see the value of something until we discover a need within the self that longs for fulfillment. I found this to be true in the months working with Kelly. I was invited to take advantage of a few free trial coaching sessions, and though not fully certain of what would come from it, I fancied myself an interior adventurer and a cheapskate, so I jumped at the opportunity... I could not have estimated the "shift" in direction my life would take, though, for me, it wasn't a shift, but a new depth.


I am the type of creative personality that does all the living and dreaming on small, manageable scales, and the big dreams live themselves out in my imagination...I didn't see anything out of place with this mode of living my life--it was comfortable and familiar. My coaching sessions with Kelly consisted of thoughtful, intuitive questions from her after my having shared about my life, goals, perceptions, etc. Sometimes she would reflect back to me what I said, and having heard it from someone else's mouth, would jar me into an awareness about myself; other times, she was listening to what was NOT said, and follow up with questions or ideas for consideration. What she did was to help me discover self-limiting beliefs (excuses, defense mechanisms) underlying the way I was living my life, awaken that which was already within me, pragmatically approach how to take meaningingful steps toward goals, and reassess as I did so. 


Working with her felt like a very natural flow to self-discovery and self-empowerment. I am now doing what I love, feel naturally gifted to do, and in which I am challenged, instead of picking apart in my mind why I shouldn't do it, resigning myself to what is "safe" and manageable, and not growing.


Every serious mountain climber knows the value of a sherpa to guide the way, help make preparations for the climb, and accompany on the journey. I was the wanna-be climber who never climbed more than a hill because the mountain seemed too grand for me. I am so grateful I opened myself to the opportunity of allowing Kelly to help me see deeper into my perceptions, emerge with hope for living more freely, empowering me with practical tools to accomplish my goals, and walking with me on the journey. She was the push when I self-doubt creeped in, compassion for when I lacked it for myself, and a road map to consult when I felt directionless.


I cannot reccomend Kelly's coaching services enough. Be open to growth with her and you will grow.



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