Find clarity in the midst of chaos

Because we understand how crazy life has been, we want to offer our support. For a limited time, Kelly will be offering spiritual direction and coaching for a crazy low price.
Clarity Session
Only $30!  $100
Choose your Starting Point:​

How to find what is yours to do in the midst of crisis and injustice

How to find the spiritual practice that fits your temperament--and the times you're in

How to distinguish between your Inner Critic and the voice of the divine

How to speak to your racist uncle with heartful integrity

What's a Clarity Session?
A Clarity Session is designed to help you cut through the chaos and settle back into your deepest self. You know, that still point way down deep beneath all the confusion, where wisdom resides. 
We'll use tools from both coaching and spiritual direction to help you listen deeply and discover where life is inviting you.
Is there a limit to how many sessions I can book?
There is a limit of two Clarity Sessions at this price, to make sure there are enough for everyone who wants to participate! 
​How are sessions structured?
After spending a moment to get to know one another, we'll choose a Starting Point. What would you most like to walk away with? I use tools from both coaching and spiritual direction to help you find that elusive clarity. 

What People Say

"I will never be able to do justice to the spiritual and personal wealth I gained in [spiritual direction with Kelly], but I can honestly say that I would pay the price it costs again and again knowing all that I received during that experience.

Kelly speaks a rare language of the soul and I have had a difficult time in my own faith journey finding an echo and companion for the journey into the more mysterious and wild places of my heart, so to find someone as equipped as Kelly felt like a true miracle to me. I am a practicing Catholic but was in great need of a space where I could broaden and deepen all that that means in my life. Throughout the program I let go of a lot of “shoulds”, navigated the pressure of a huge art commission, found space to open myself to new relationships, and most importantly found freedom to embrace myself more fully, as I am.


What a gift God offers through Kelly, her talents, and this important program she has so thoughtfully and carefully crafted. I encourage you to open your hands and allow this gift to enter your life, you will receive far more than it costs. I’m sure of it."

Meet Kelly

Kelly Deutsch is a personal growth coach, international speaker, and bestselling author of the book, Spiritual Wanderlust: The Field Guide to Deep Desire. After being in a convent for years, her life fell apart with serious illness. She spent 18 months mostly bedridden, a time she calls “the most harrowing and beautiful of my life.” Slowly transformed by life's great teachers (silence, solitude, and suffering), she emerged on the other side with a radically simplified spirituality. She became certified in coaching, and she began to blend those tools with the spiritual direction she had learned in the convent. 


Now, she loves nothing more than helping audacious people find that spaciousness they've been craving. When she isn’t exploring the interior life, you might find her wandering under Oregonian skies or devouring Indian food.

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Clarity Sessions
Only $30! $100
Spaces are limited.

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