This program has been developed for Spiritual Off-Roaders: people who are eager to explore Mystery. Some people may be familiar with the territory, and others may be newly acclimating. My goal is to give you the tools you need so you can go exploring in the wilderness with freedom. 


The program includes:


1. Video modules that introduce themes and topics ($1176 value)

2. A workbook that accompanies the video modules. ($197 value) These exercises are a really important part of the program-- without the inner work along the way, you cannot expect transformation. If a question or activity does not fit you, move on. But procrastination won't get you very far very fast. If you feel inner resistance, that's a great thing to bring up in coaching!

3. Weekly group coaching (Wednesdays at 7pm Central on Zoom). Four weeks of group coaching has an $800 value.

4. Optional 1-on-1 coaching call with Kelly, to be scheduled individually. Value: $350

5. A Facebook Community for support, sharing, and creating connections. (value: priceless!)

This program has a value of $2523. In exchange for this value, I ask:

1. That you attend each group coaching session, as much as possible! This is where the magic happens. 
2. That you watch the video modules for each unit
3. That you do your best in the SOR Workbook.
4. That you offer frank, reflective feedback on what was fruitful and enjoyable, and what not.

This program would normally happen over 8 weeks. We won't be able to cover the same depth in 4 weeks, but I want to make this as useful to you as possible. We'll discuss in our calls which topics feel most weighty to the group, and adapt as needed. 

Feel free to message me privately or within this group. I am open to all ideas, suggestions, and feedback you might have.

Welcome to the journey!