My aim is to support seekers—the open, the curious, the restless—to become more fully alive. Through deep listening, compelling questions, and a presence that invites discovery, I will partner with you to discover and live from your authentic self.

I have a zest for life that I long to share with the world. Growing up in the vast skies of South Dakota, I was born with an innate sense of wonder. Stars, forest, and field were my first mentors. As I migrated across the United States and moved abroad, I would add a wide variety of people and experiences to that list. Among some of the most important were silence and sickness.

I have been blessed with a very full life. I gorged on a liberal arts education. (Yes, gorged.) I served the rich and poor. I entered a convent. I navigated the depths of the interior life. I survived life turning on a dime with serious illness, and the deep learning that accompanies it. I studied and served with people from 72 different countries. I laughed a lot, danced a lot, and conversed with all the beautiful, loud, difficult, generous, myopic, colorful and wonderful people along the way.


Above all, my experience taught me value of the two great catalysts: challenge and mercy. I believe these lessons and tools are what set me apart from many other coaches, and why my clients walk away freer, happier, and more alive.  

I recall once being struck by the effortless authenticity of nature. A tree does a perfect job of being a tree: it grows, drinks in the sun, turns colors, shed leaves, and eventually dies in accordance with its treeness. When the word “tree” was spoken into existence, everything implied by that word – the firm and flexible trunk, the chlorophylled leaves, the need for water and sun and soil – are part of what it means to be “tree”.

What, then, does it mean to be “Kelly”? When you were spoken into existence, what was intended by your name? What does it mean to be authentically (and effortlessly) you?


My aim as a coach is to help you live the answer to that question.


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