Being Human

And other stories of finding ourselves in the midst of crisis

Thursday, June 18, at 7:00pm Central

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You Will Learn How To


Let crisis break you open instead of break you apart


Apply techniques to trust the ebb and flow of life's uncertainties


Discover the intersection of your story and the wisdom of the ancients

Being human is no small task.


When life can be so excruciatingly beautiful and so impossibly painful, it can require staggering amounts of flexibility to contain it all.


The pandemic coupled with racial violence has brought this reality to the forefront.

… but it’s nothing new, is it?

​The realization that something isn't right.


That longing for something REAL.

The awareness that I “should” meditate, love radically, become more deeply human---but life’s circumstances make it so complicated.


It’s always been there. The crises have simply locked us up with our discomfort, and won’t allow us to run.


For some of us, it has been impossibly painful. Why has the world turned upside down?

When will things go back to normal?

I don’t recognize myself anymore… yelling at the kids, tearing up three times a day, feeling powerless. 


Life feels chaotic and out of control.

Yet many of us have a hunch that there is something beautiful being borne in the midst of the chaos and grief.

On June 18, an ex-nun, a backwoods Buddhist, and a ministry drop-out will share their own stories of falling apart, and how it broke them open to a spaciousness they had never known.

Brandyn grew up in a backwater town with... Deeply unsatisfied with life, he packed up his life to go find himself in a Buddhist monastery in Japan. He thought his life was finally coming together when ...

Kelly spent her whole life preparing to be a nun. When she finally entered the convent, it seemed her dream of loving and serving the world had come true… until her health collapsed and her world fell apart. Eighteen months of being bedridden robbed her of her identity, her community, and her sense of purpose.

Amy was in line to become a 5th generation pastor. Sassy, intelligent, and determined to do things differently, she entered ministry feeling [empowered?]. However [not everything was as it seemed... life fell apart...]. She moved her family 1000 miles to the desert to give herself space to fall apart.

Somehow, all three emerged on the other side to find a place ever so much more grounded and free.

What secret sauce did they discover?


How did they allow tragedy to break them open, instead of break them apart?


How do we allow life to peel away all that is small and fearful and "safe," until all that remains is who we really are?

Join us on June 18th at 7pm Central to learn three tools to help you grieve, laugh, and finally accept your way through the pain.

Come: risk being human.

There is more mischief, terror, and joy waiting for you than you could ever imagine.

Your Presenters

Kelly Deutsch

Author, Coach, Spiritual Director

Kelly Deutsch is a personal growth coach, international speaker, and bestselling author of the book, Spiritual Wanderlust: The Field Guide to Deep Desire. After being in a convent for years, her life fell apart with serious illness. She spent 18 months mostly bedridden, a time she calls “the most harrowing and beautiful of my life.” Emerging on the other side, she loves nothing more than helping audacious people be fully alive

Brandyn Simmons

Coach, Writer, Backwoods Buddhist

Brandyn is a papa, pastor, professional coach, writer, mystic, misfit, and mountain man (despite living in Chicago). He is passionate about empowering others to be their best and truest selves while always staying on the journey to be the same for himself.  He spent five years learning mindfulness in a Buddhist temple in Japan and is a Christo-Buddha-Mysti-Processalist (or something like that) figuring it all out along the way.

Amy Piatt

Visionary, Pastor, Spiritual Director

Amy Piatt is a pastor, a mom and co-owner of a drinkery/community gathering space with her husband, Christian. She is originally from Colorado and finds it ironically hilarious to be living in Texas and loving it. She enjoys helping people see what is possible and then setting them free to do good work in the world. She also loves contemplative prayer, silence, making up songs about any topic, dark chocolate, hiking, puppies and storytelling.

What People Say

Amy Piatt is peak humanity, but likely won’t accept the compliment. She is a wise, clear, & compassionate teacher worth learning from. I know I have.

Tripp Fuller, podcaster at Homebrewed Christianity

Risk Being Human

June 18th

7pm Central

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