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A transformative journey for seekers, wanderers, and mystic misfits.


A transformative journey for seekers, wanderers, and mystic misfits.




Each month you'll receive:

Exclusive Content

Live Group Sessions

Individualized Deep Dives

Traveling Partners

Your Own Community Platform 

"I have had a difficult time in my own faith journey finding an echo and companion for the journey into the more mysterious and wild places of my heart, so to find someone as equipped as Kelly felt like a true miracle to me."

- K.M., past off-roader


"I have had a difficult time in my own faith journey finding an echo and companion for the journey into the more mysterious and wild places of my heart, so to find someone as equipped as Kelly felt like a true miracle to me."

- K.M., past off-roader

What is Spiritual Off-Roading?

A Journey into Unknowing

Explore the wide world beyond stale structures and rigid beliefs. The Spiritual Off-Roading program is a live, 4-month journey into sacred living.


A Guide

Be accompanied by an experienced guide who has been there-- who has been through hell and back and is now happily off-roading. Receive the insight and assurance you need while exploring uncharted territory.


A Tribe

Find other seekers who speak your language and share the same secret longings. Priority will be placed on forming connections and relationships that will last.


Tools for the Wilderness

We won't be showing you a new path out here-- there are no maps in the wilderness-- but we will equip you with the tools you need to explore on your own with confidence... and a bit of sacred mischief. ;)


Transformative vs. Informative

Answering questions is nice, but living them is even better.  If you've had your fill of books and courses, join us for the gritty and REAL experience of living it all in your BONES.

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Explore the

Wide World of Unknowing

with Confidence


(and maybe a bit of mischief)

Are you a spiritual off-roader?


Do you crave depth? UNION?


Find you’ve outgrown the fences and guardrails, and hunger for the untamed Beauty of Unknowing?


Are you hungry for connection with kindred spirits?



My name is Kelly Deutsch, and I am a spiritual off-roader.


I created this program after speaking to so many people just like you-- seekers, mystics, wanderlusters-- who crave the depths but are feeling a bit bewildered in this new place of Mystery.


Maybe you've left the rigid religion of your childhood.


Maybe you're emerging from life being turned upside down: death, divorce, illness-- and you're hungry to explore what lies on the other side.


Maybe you've always been a seeker that knows Truth--Meaning--Spirit-- is so much bigger than we are.


You're not alone.



I know how disorienting and frustrating it can feel, to be stuck in a place of Unknowing. 


And how lonely it can feel when there's no one who gets you.


But finding the depth you crave is easier than you think.


That’s Why I Created

The Spiritual Off-Roading Program


The Spiritual Off-Roading Program is custom-designed to give you the depth and connection you crave--  so you can explore the wide world of Mystery with confidence (and perhaps a bit of mischief ;).


Many people get stuck scratching the surface because they don't have a GUIDE or a TRIBE to support them in their exploration.


Or worse, they hardly begin, because they don't have the tools they need to navigate this uncharted territory.


But the Unknown doesn't need to leave you feeling disoriented.


I'm not saying there won't be pain--


and you know this well, as you've likely already been through your fair share.


But you don't need to remain hungry and alone.



This is where the Spiritual Off-Roading Program comes in.


I've combined my experience as a spiritual director, my training as a professional coach, and my years of exploring Mystery, silence, and wonder-- and turned it into a program that you won't find anywhere else.


It will provide you with the tools you need to explore.


It will provide you with a guide who has years of experience in navigating all those sticky spots (craving intimacy? how to be whole? what's my next step??).


All with a tribe of people who want the same thing you do.


What are you waiting for?





Crave connection with kindred spirits? Or long for companions on the journey, with whom you can be safe and vulnerable? In this module, you're invited to meet your cohort, share your sacred story, and use proven methods to craft connections that will last. 



Ever get stuck in the spin cycle? Perhaps you're discerning a big career move, or how to help your family navigate the current health crisis. In this module, discover the only tools you'll need to make decisions with lightness and clarity.


Healing & Wholeness

As the light grows, so does the shadow. The deeper we dive into the divine, the more trauma we discover. Behavioral patterns that protected us through difficult times now snag us and keep us from living in freedom. Discover what healing and wholeness look like on the contemplative path.



Wonder is a little-known shortcut to contemplation. Drawing from the East, learn how to settle into your deeper, intuitive knowing to be rapt up in the beauty of All That Is.



Your body has a bottomless wisdom that is waiting to be tapped into. Through movement, attentive body practice, and exploring what it means to be sexual beings, you'll inhabit your own skin like never before. 


Divine Intimacy

In the culmination of the journey, discover what it means to open yourself to raw, unadulterated union with the divine. Through the wisdom of the mystics, you may learn that it's different than you once thought.

As a Part of the Program,

You'll Receive:

Carefully Curated Content

Receive video, audio, and/or written content that matches our monthly themes. Provided at the beginning of the month, so you can fit it into your busy schedule -- and let it percolate!

Live Group Calls

Each month, you'll explore themes with your highly experienced guide and your like-minded cohort. 

Individualized Deep Dives

Each month, schedule an individualized DEEP DIVE with Kelly or another HIGHLY experienced guide -- what fits YOUR schedule! Past participants named Deep Dives as the most helpful part of the program. Explore your own interior movements: Where are you feeling drawn? Where are you stuck in the mud?

Traveling Partners

We walk alone together. While your unique journey is your own, it sure makes it more fun to find fellow travelers! After our monthly call, you'll be invited to connect with one of your tribe members in a way that fits your schedule and comfort levels. The kind of connection that happens one-on-one is significantly different than that of a group conversation. To craft connections that will last, we'll provide ample space for you to get to know each other in a safe way.

Your Own Community Platform 

Base Camp is our hub for resources and community. Stop in to find monthly content, links to our calls, schedule your Deep Dive, and check in with your other tribe members. All questions, celebrations, and supporting each other along the way

What Others Are Saying

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N.P., Yoga Instructor

"I was so hungry to live my life differently. My inner critic was so center-stage that I could not distinguish between it and the voice of my Deeper Self. I didn't like who I was. But through the Spiritual Off-Roading program, the inner critic fell silent for the first time, and that gentler voice emerged. At one point in a Deep Dive, the following words came out of my mouth: "If I mess up, I mess up!" I couldn't believe it. I've never uttered such kind, forgiving words to myself! Add to that the amount of freedom I found in connecting with my body, and the way I began to settle into human and divine intimacy-- I was astonished. Get ready for your life to be changed!!"

Avatar 105

K.M., Artist

"When I first happened upon the Spiritual Off-Roading program, I was shocked to find someone who spoke the language of my soul. Growing up Catholic, I craved something broader than what I'd been receiving from church. And I can't believe the spaciousness I found here! Through the weeks, I had my mind blown over and over again -- in navigating the pressure of a huge art commission, in releasing friends' 'shoulds' and embracing my wild streak, in the healing that emerged through relationship. This program is worth a hundred times what you pay. You won't regret it a second!"

"Every serious mountain climber knows the value of a sherpa to guide the way, help make preparations for the climb, and accompany on the journey. I was the wanna-be climber who never climbed more than a hill because the mountain seemed too grand for me. Kelly was the push I needed when self-doubt creeped in, compassion for when I lacked it for myself, and a road map to consult when I felt directionless.


I cannot recommend Kelly's coaching enough. Be open to growth with her and you will grow."

Avatar 104

A.M., Doula

Kate Marin 2.jpg

I have had a difficult time finding an echo and companion for the journey into the more mysterious and wild places of my heart, so to find someone as equipped as Kelly felt like a true miracle to me.

I encourage you to open your hands and allow this gift to enter your life, you will receive far more than it costs. I’m sure of it.

K.M., Artist

Come find the


you crave

embodied · open-hearted · feisty · vulnerable 

earthy · intuitive · intimate · untamed

contemplative · spacious · together

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Meet Your Facilitator

From Nun to Spiritual Off-Roader

My name is Kelly Deutsch.


I'm a professional certified coach, author, and spiritual off-roader. :)


For most of my life I was the poster child of conservative Catholicism: I served the poor, prayed for hours a day, and entered a convent. Friends knew me as the big-hearted, joyful servant who was going to change the world.


Then life crashed and burned.


My health failed, and I returned from my religious community in Rome to South Dakota, only to spend the next 18 months mostly bedridden.


My life was torn apart.


My identity, my sense of purpose, and where I thought I belonged - were all taken away from me.


I was left grappling with the big questions:


Who is God?


Who am I, if not who I once was?


What is spirituality?

My ego fell, and it fell hard.


During those 18 months, the mystics became my lifeline. It's like they, and no one else, spoke my language and knew my experience. 


The hours of stillness and silence slowly unwound my messiness until something beautiful emerged.

And miraculously, wonderfully, I came out the other side with a radically simplified spirituality.


A deeper knowing, which some mystics call Unknowing, settled into my bones.


Through this interior upheaval, and with the help of my spiritual guide and some very dear friends, I made it out the other side.


I found myself in a wilderness of exquisite Beauty.


Instead of the fear and shame and restrictive guilt of the past, this wilderness was marked by its SPACIOUSNESS... and even a sacred mischief. ;)



After this whole experience, I decided to dedicate my life to this path.


There is so much FREEDOM out here! And the BLISS of divine intimacy...  




I want you to know this too.

Come join me.

Come find the UNION your heart so longs for.


Come live the questions that have no clear answers, but are rich with meaning.


Come connect with other off-roaders who see you, understand you, and want to journey with you.



In just a short time, the next cohort of the Spiritual Off-Roading program will begin.


For four full months, we'll journey together through juicy themes like divine intimacy, embodied spirituality (and sexuality!), finding wholeness, and wonder.


The cohort will meet monthly as a group, with your own private DEEP DIVES with me or another KD Coach to ensure you get a swarthy, heaping serving of the depth you crave.


There's no need to feel alone in the wilderness.


There's no need for overwhelm or confusion.


Come join us, and find all the meaning, mischief, and mirth there is to be had.


Click below to dive in. Can't wait to see you there. :)


Your Questions Answered

How will the group calls be structured?

Before each call, you will be given a few resources-- a reflection to read or a video to watch, and some questions related to each theme. This will give you some time to chew before we open for discussion (any fellow ruminators here?). The group calls will begin with 5-10 minutes of setting the scene - a brief reflection from me. This will be followed by a few minutes of silence, to let that theme expand, and to give space for shared presence. The rest of the time will be left for discussion, exploration, and connection. After each call, off-roaders will be assigned a traveling partner to connect with in the following weeks. This is a chance to connect on a deeper level, get to know your fellow off-roaders better, and unpack all the goodness between group sessions.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes... The Spiritual Off-Roading Program has a 30-day off-roading guarantee. If you don't receive massive value in this program-- new insights, connections, spaces to explore--just email to let me know and I will refund your program cost. I am confident it won't come to that, but I wanted to make the decision process super easy! Either get the depth you want or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!

Is this program religious? Do I need to be a Christian to participate?

To use the vernacular, I’d call this program more spiritual than religious. Or, perhaps more accurate, this program is human, in the most fundamental sense of that word. We’re seeking what it means to be fully human, fully alive. No religion, practice, or path will be preached. The wilderness is expansive. You are welcome to choose to follow a trail, but I will not be advocating any one in particular. Instead, my goal is to equip you with the tools and resources you need to explore on your own!

What if I’m not sure what I believe?

Welcome to Unknowing! :) Your questions, doubts, and quandaries are welcome here. You don’t need to have it all figured out to journey with us. You do not need to believe the same as myself or anyone else in the group; we will all be wandering and wondering together.

Is it OK if I love Jesus?

Absolutely! See above. We will make space for wherever your spiritual views lie.

What if I’m from another time zone or can’t make all the group calls?

All group calls will be recorded and made available to your cohort. You are free to submit questions you’d like discussed or addressed during the call, and we will be sure to address it. Are you from a non-US time zone? Send me an email at with “Time zone request” in the subject and your location in the body. If we have enough interest, we'll schedule another cohort for your region! (Bring friends! We need at least 6 people to start a new cohort)

Is this group going to be critiquing religion?

No. The intent of this group is not deconstruction or negativity. Likely you’ve been through your own version of deconstruction. You’ve probably walked through some intense emotions-- grief, rage, sadness. That is an important time that deserves its own attentive healing. However, the Spiritual Off-Roading program is for those who are in “reconstruction”-- emerging from the crucible, ready to explore the wide world of Mystery. This is a place of openness, curiosity, and intense longing for MORE. Here, we will embrace the dazzling darkness with joy and jollity. :)

Will there be homework?

Yes and no. You will be invited to read, listen, and watch various resources to deepen the themes presented in the group calls. New practices and exploration will be encouraged, both in our calls and on your own. You will also be invited to participate not only in the group calls, but also in Deep Dives with me, and touch points with your traveling partner. These are not required, but highly encouraged if you want to get the most out of the program. That being said, the highest rule is to trust your deeper knowing: if something doesn’t feel right, skip it!

Find the Depth and Connection You Crave

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