SW is a tribe, a movement, and an experience. It is a gathering place for seekers and mystic misfits, people who have longed for More and who will not give up its pursuit.

We recognize that ‘More’ is shrouded in mystery. Somehow “God” doesn’t seem big enough of a word. Love? Meaning? Connection? It is the truest, most beautiful--no--that’s too small-- it is Truth and Beauty itself. It is the divine spark that inebriated Rumi in his poetry and intoxicated St. Francis so much he stripped himself naked and left everything. It is what inspires many of us to meditate, go on pilgrimage, and seek out spiritual guides.


Together, we offer gatherings and retreats, four-month cohort journeys, spiritual direction, and a wide variety of resources. We have a community space on Facebook where we explore life together, and our sister page Contemplative Monk offers daily inspiration and rich reading.

It is



And the wild terrain we roam is within our own hearts.

Reach the Top
Image by Pietro De Grandi

Where to begin?

With your desire. Notice where you are being drawn, and begin there!

Adventure awaits!

Meet the


My life goal is to support seekers—the open, the curious, the restless—to become more fully alive!

He Gave Me Sickness for My Healing

Lessons from 18 Months of Stillness, Silence, and Solitude

I Am Dark But I Am Beautiful

What this author learned when no words came.

9 Ways to Know if You’re Growing Spiritually

And how to properly use a spiritual measuring stick

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